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I am Renata and I manage the B&B, with my whole family who passionately work with me. While in our home please use our knowledge of the territory and our attention to detail to make your stay more enjoyable.


The centenarian magnolia has always been the symbol and the heart of our home. In the spring time the branches of the tree are filled with big white flowers and all year long it shadows the courtyard, nicely cooling all the rooms in our homestead. This B&B is conveniently located in the center of Cherasco. A short walk from here under the long ‘porticoes’ you can discover the delicious chocolates called “Baci di Cherasco” or taste some delightful snail dishes, the specialty of the town.


If you prefer a historical tour of the city there are the baroque and medieval churches or the grand green bastions to admire. Within and around the ancient star-shaped walls of our city the perfume of jasmine, the perfect silence, and the exquisite foliage will be your companion during your walk. If you are interested in taking a longer journey, get lost among the Langhe hills and go up to the “belvedere” of La Morra to enjoy the breathtaking view.


Another exploration could be meandering down to the old village of Barolo or just visiting Alba and its towers, slowly wandering among the castles. Or even without any plan, you could decide to just roam among the lovely slopes of the colorful hills, picnic lunch in an idyllic vineyard and finish the day in a wine cellar where you could really taste the produce of our land. This is all thanks to the land, providing the perfect travel experience, satisfying all five of your senses.


Vi aspetto,



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