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Discover Cherasco


Rich in art, history and culture, Cherasco is called “the city of treaties” due to the many peace-agreements signed here. From Cherasco you can reach in few minutes the real heart of the Langhe hills. On these colorful slopes grow the grapes from which prestigious wines like Barolo are created. Barolo is one of the most famous Italian wines and its popularity is so high that it is called “kink of the wines and wine of the kings”.


A few kilometers from Cherasco you can find Alba, a city with Roman origins, popular for its “Truffle fair”. In addition you can discover several castles, the Wine Museum in the Barolo village, important estates of the Savoy Family and historical wine cellars to visit. There is not just only one way to get to know this territory, its small towns and hills: perfumes, colors and ancient tales can also be tasted running after a truffle dog during a “truffle hunt”, listening to the story of some important personalities living in a historical castle or, when the night comes, sitting in a little “trattoria” where the owner will give you the chance to taste “vitello tonnato all’antica” or some fried snails, helping you to choose the perfect matching wine.


It will be a unexpected journey through your five senses.


Be moved in front of a monumental medieval façade or a magnificent baroque fresco, trace the evolution of the town from remnants of ancient Roman life to the story that led Napoleon to Cherasco. Wander along the bastions, or discover the tales of the Savoy family lands, its legends, its writers and its impressive landscapes.

Street markets 

Get lost among the colorful stands of the antique market, the ancient books and ceramics market, or the vintage fair. Wander aimlessly in search of a little 60’s dress, or a wooden chest, or a carved frame. Or just take a walk under the long "porticoes", tasting some mouth-watering “Baci di Cherasco”.


Wouldn't it be nice to ask “Why is it called “vitello tonnato”? What is “batsuà”? How do you cook “tonno di coniglio”? Wouldn't it be relaxing to carefully choose the perfect wine for your dinner, full of perfumes and tastes, after a long day spent in the hills? If the host could explain to you what secrets lie behind the creation of the Barolo wine, wouldn’t that be something special?


Challenge yourself to chase the scent of the truffle dog in a truffle hunt, to listen to the secrets of ancient barrels and visit the cellars of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first King of Italy, or to touch the walls of the sleeping Roman city under the modern day Alba.


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